Thursday, June 30

Oppo F19S – Review

In this ongoing series, we will talk about Oppo F19S and its price in India. We will also talk about specifications, release date, and its price in India. The Oppo F19S is the smartphone by Oppo which is very much similar to the iPhone and other smartphone brands. This is one of the smartphones in the new generation of smartphones and it has the ability to combine a high-end camera with multi-tasking features which has made it so popular. Oppo F19S

When it was launched in October, the Oppo F19S had the ability to adjust its size depending on its user’s finger print which made it easier to use compared to the predecessors. Android devices were notorious for their camera setups where they kept the camera lens pointed at the camera itself which caused it to be slightly awkward to use especially for large individuals. With the Oppo F19S, users are able to set their own target angle which eliminates the need for the users to constantly change the camera lens. The resolution on this smartphone is quite good as it can shoot in high resolutions of 4015 pixels. When we talk about the battery life of this smartphone, it has been reported to have a maximum battery life of about two hours and fifty minutes.

The connectivity on the Oppo F19S includes 4G mobile broadband, HSDPA, MMS, EDGE and USB type-2. Apart from this connectivity, it also has support for microSD and USB types-2. Other features of this handset include gesture control, proximity sensor, ambient light sensors, camera control, dual camera and video recording features which are supported by some add-ons like Hi-tech camcorder. The Oppo F19S also has a unique feature of auto-focus which can be used when taking images. The camera has been powered by an quad-core processor, Adreno compliant AMOLED screen and includes built-in image processing technology that makes it possible to enlarge photos in size and edit them instantly.

The Oppo F19S has an exclusive coloros mode which enables the user to enjoy the vivid colors provided by Samsung’s colorose series. This feature makes it possible to enjoy the color of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Oppo F19S also offers a unique attribute of automatically changing the white balance of the device. When the device is being used outdoors, it is able to retain the ambient color which makes it possible to use it for other purposes including gaming.

This smartphone comes with an extended memory support which has the capacity of storing plenty of data. The Oppo F19S has the advanced image processing algorithms which help in reducing the usage of space on the memory and improving its speed. The Oppo F19S also offers a unique attribute of double image stabilization which enables the snapping of moving images. A high definition recording mode is also featured in this smartphone which has the ability to capture video clips at the same quality and resolution as those captured in regular cameras. The Oppo F19S features a slot for expandable memory in its microSD card.

In order to enhance the clarity and the quality of the images captured by the camera, the Oppo F19S has an optical zoom. For better image clarity, the focus of the camera is fixed on one particular area. The high-end smartphone also offers a large display for viewing images and videos. The wide screen helps in reading the text on the screen of this smartphone which is 10% thinner than that of normal smartphones.

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